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These are the most common questions that people have.  Please look over the information below prior to email us.   We may already have answered it here.  If we haven’t please feel free to reach out to us. 

Live Concierge

If you are wanting to be a merchant, we have 2 types of merchants.  Partnered merchant and non-Partnered merchant.  To make it simple a partnered merchant is a restaurant that has a special agreement with us with special benefits.  

Non- Partnered merchant is an establishment that does not have an agreement with us but we do deliver their products to customers with no special agreements such as McDonalds and other fast food establishments.

Please download our APP to place an order.

Yes we do have delivery fees which may vary depending on the distance in which the product is being delivered.

Usually prices for the non-partnered restaurants may be different

Partners is a restaurant that we deliver their products for them to expand their reach.

This does happen, but we try to make sure that our prices are updated.

We strive to get your food delivered within 45 minutes or less.

We are expanding on a daily basis.  If you don’t see your favorite restaurant just drop us a note and we will get it listed on our APP as soon as we can.

Please make sure to put it int he “note” section prior to checkout.

Non-Partnered Merchants are Restaurants that has no agreement with us so technically they don’t know that the order is for a customer.  Therefore you have to pay for it as a Rider when you pickup their food from the restaurant.  Don’t worry you will be reimbursed at the end of the day.

Remember, there is no cost to join as a rider.  By joining us as an existing rider you will have a better chance of increasing your “bookings by 30 to 50% because you have 2 platforms and we advertise specifically within the city that you are in. 

Yes, you can.  Registering with us and your rider will just benefit you more since you will have more opportunities to get a booking.

There is no FEE to register as an operator at this time but we do plan to charge an onboarding fee in the future.

You will be charged a yearly on-boarding FEE of 5% of your total net revenue from your bookings.

Text the customer 2 times.  If they don’t answer try calling them several times.  If they don’t answer within 20 minutes.  Leave their food by the door step and take a picture and send it to the customer.

Work with Tok Tok Express

Become a Partner

If you have a restaurant and want to expand your reach to your customers.  Let us know and let’s work together to make your happy customers happier!.

Become a Rider

We are accepting existing Tok Tok Riders and Brand New Riders as we continue to expand our network.

Join Our Team as an Operator

We are currently accepting existing Tok Tok operators to partner with us.  Just drop us a note and we can get you on board and let’s become partners.  Your riders will also appreciate it.